Mexican Pavers

Expert Paver Cleaning

Our expert service personnel deliver truly superior results for paver cleaning.  Pavers require special handling to keep them beautiful and long-lasting.  Our floor care technicians know pavers and Saltillos.  We have restore a great many floors — more than most companies around.

Pavers and Saltillos start off their life in your home with a coating that protects them from damage and dirt.  But over time, foot traffic and friction begins to erode the protective covering.  Then, dirt and grime begin to destroy their beauty.

Our service gets your pavers looking new again

Paver Refinishing

Stripping and Refinishing:  Pavers are usually sealed with a topical sealer or surface coating upon installation. This protective coating wears out without periodic maintenance. When the coating deteriorates and begins to crack and chip, it loses its ability to repel stains, oils, dirt, and other contaminates. Soon thereafter the pavers become a candidate for refinishing.
Stripping is done using a series of solvent or water based products suitable for the removal of the specific type of sealer on the pavers. Many sealers require very caustic, solvent-based strippers for their removal, while others will strip using gentler water based products. It is here that NuTech’s expertise and experience comes into play: each job is different. All work is done by hand; no machines are used on pavers due to their softness. Once the pavers have been fully stripped and detailed, they can be treated as though they were a new installation, allowing for coloring, staining, sealing and finishing as desired.

Give your pavers a new look

We can also change the look of your pavers by staining them a different color.  This can add great value and beauty to your home.  Often paver staining gives your home a new and updated beauty.

We seal and protect your pavers too!

Vital to long-lasting beauty is the sealing process.  Our floor care technicians can apply specialized paver sealants that help your floor looks its best as long as possible.

We seal new floors and existing floors.