Stone Cleaning Sealing & Maintenance

Stone Cleaning is an affordable method to restore the appearance of your stone surfaces.  Many honed and tumbled stones can be cleaned without the need for complete stone restoration.

This travertine floor is really dirty. Less than 2 years old, it has been routinely cleaned with an inappropriate cleaner that has left a build up on the stone. Our stone maintenance is a cost effective alternative to traditional grinding, honing & polishing. If you have only minor scratches, etches and blemishes you may benefit from this stone cleaning procedure.


This travertine stone floor is now light and bright! Who would have thought that just cleaning could have restored this floor?


Our stone maintenance procedure does not address lippage, scratches or acidic etches. It is best suited for honed or mildly polished stones.


Professionally machine cleaned stone surfaces, hand scrubbed grout lines and a premium sealer. Now you remember why you chose such a beautiful travertine floor!


Deep down, dingy grout lines.


Once again, a beautiful stone floor, cleaned and sealed.