Paver Floor Maintenance


After Maintenance

Paver floor needs maintenance! Every day wear and tear can leave paver floors with less luster. Well maintained paver floors do not always need a full restoration. Paver floor maintenance is the best approach for pavers that do not need a full restoration process. A good clean and seal was all it took to get this paver floor’s shine and luster back!

Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning

During Tile and Grout Cleaning
Ceramic floor needs a deep cleaning! Pressure washing through hot water extraction is an effective technique for ceramic tile and grout cleaning. This method reaches areas in your tile floor that everyday items cannot. Tile and grout cleaning with hot water extraction removes ceramic tile’s embedded dirt and grime. No restoration was done and this tile floor is on it’s way to looking like new again!




Dirty Paver Clean and Seal

Paver Cleaning and Sealing Before

After Paver Clean and Seal

Newly installed paver floor in need of shine! With a new paver floor stripping is not always necessary. Paver cleaning and sealing was used to bring this floor back to life. Gently hand-cleaning and sealing this paver floor were the steps taken in this paver restoration process. This floor now looks shiny and new again!

Dirty Stone Fountain Cleaning

Before- Dirty Stone Fountain

After Cleaning

Fountain with dirt and algae build-up needs help! Stone cleaning is an art to bring luster back to many stone surfaces. Pressure washing is the stone cleaning technique used to remove the deeply embedded grime. With proper maintenance this fountain will stay beautiful for a long time to come. Now this fountain looks brand new!

Granite Counter Repair Polishing

Granite Counter Before

Granite Counter After


This bathroom counter was recently installed.  The fabricator left it just a little less polished than the owner preferred.  In addition there were several chips in the surface as a result of a falling mirror during construction.  We were able to repair the chipped areas and lightly compound this surface to a high shine.  As a general rule, granite counters rarely need polishing, but in this case it definitely helped.